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27 June 1989
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hey. name's kristi but i'm know as a lot of things in a lot of places, kristi is your international visa, though. i'm a college student at mcc who wishes she wasn't, floating through campus in a sea of uncertainty. i have no plans for the future, instead i just go every day and try to make something of it. i write, i roleplay, i draw, and i play video games. those are the things i wish i was doing while i pretend to listen in class. you'll find out more about that in my interests, though. i don't make friends very often, but that isn't because i don't like people! people don't seem to like me! i'm distrustful, but it's not without reason. i've been trained to be that way. regardless, i'm friendly, generally happy, outgoing, and love talking. i'm the type that'll stick it out through the rough parts, and be there for you when you need someone. if you wanna know more about me read my journal, yeah? or ask me, i'm an entirely open book. just don't spoil the ending for me, okay?

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