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12 November 2010 @ 05:19 pm
... my stomach just growled for over 5 seconds.  
So, I meant to update this yesterday! Honestly, I wanted to update it before then, because I've actually been actively doing things (which is weird for me) so I had legitimate things to update about! But I kept putting it off and putting it off, so here I am, today. That's okay because I think the vast majority of things happening over this weekend probably happened yesterday.

But okay, starting at the beginning!

So, okay, lessee. Since my last update, I've seen two movies, been out to dinner places that are awesome, got a "new" car, been out shopping (not that I got anything), got some tests back, skipped school more than I actually attended, and saw my dreeeam guy. On Friday, Caysie and I went out to dinner, came back to my place, made cake, walked the dog, and then went and saw Due Date. Addressing these issues in order of occurrence:

Mmmm, yayas. It's like... the place you sorta forget about until you have it again? Like, I don't even know if they exist where any of my readers are, but it's SO good, a little pricey, but not terribly bad for you? It pretty much all revolves around grilled chicken and such, and I think probably one of the most popular things is the chicken sandwich, even though Caysie gets a two piece meal, she just... makes it into a sandwich anyway. XD So I don't know, if you y'all have 'em, and you've never been... you really should go. SHREDDED CHICKEN SAMMICH ALL THE WAY. Oh and their pita bread and honey butter mmmmm. *A*

We went and bought our tickets a few hours before the show (because we've been screwed more than once with sold out shows, and the movie had just come out), then trekked all the way back to my house so we could bake my mom a cake (she can be very pouty), and walk my dog. I am so talented, I made two different cakes with one box of cake mix. XD One plain white cake (for my mom, she covers it in strawberry juice), and a pineapple upside-down cake. I didn't try my moms at all, but mine was faaaantastic. It wound up being gone by the next night. :'D

Walked my dog, but that's boring, aside from the fact it was like 20 degrees out.

Then we went and saw the movie.

It. Was. Hilarious. Like, so so so funny. As soon as things started to seem like they might actually be serious for a minute? Someone goes and says something ridiculous and you have to laugh. It's like, constant comic relief. So funny. And I can't like. RDJ is like... an instant orgasm for me, so any movie he's in I am totally biased towards. I would definitely recommend it though! But... it is one of those STUPID-funny movies? Like half the funny stuff is... well, dumb. So, I've been known to think movies were hilarious that other people just thought were idiotic, so maybe I've got a retarded sense of humor, but I thought it was super funny.

"Dad... you were like a father to me."

I don't know why but that cracked me up so bad. ITS SO STUPID but I love it.

So, I thought it was a totally good movie and worth seeing. [: If you're not sure how down you are for stupid hilarity, then maybe wait and rent it.

So then... that's Friday... Saturday there's not much worth mentioning that I can think of. Oh, well, other than on Saturday I made this fantastic pork tenderloin dinner, with this ginger-peach glaze/sauce. I don't think anyone really gives a hoot about my cooking on here, but I love to cook! So if you ever want recipe suggestions, shoot 'em my way! [: Sunday though, Sunday I saw the second movie. [:

So Sunday starts out pretty hectic because my mom wants to see Paranormal Activity 2 with me and Caysie, but she of course wants to go to an earlier show because she's old. XD There was lots of running around, going to stores, blahblahblah. We all go and see the movie together, and I also thought that one was pretty good! I do not like scary movies. I just don't. They're all the same thing, someone goes and does something stupid, people die, blood and guts, vomiting. They're usually just gross. Predictable. Not plausible. They're just... kfdskjghskjf. I will almost always refuse to pay to see a scary movie in theatres. If someone else is paying and beg me, fine, but I mean there is a serious lack of honest to goodness scary movies.

Paranormal Activity is a SLIGHT exception. I like that you don't SEE the demon, and that it's a demon and not some sort of monster. Ghosts are much scary to me. You can't fight a ghost you know? They're already dead. I wasn't scared during the movie, I just... never am. XD I used to be man, scared of EVERYTHING... but now I'm like "dude they had such and such budget for this... it's not real so yeah." My mom and Caysie on the other hand? Hilarious. My mom, during one part of the movie, grabbed my arm and started to spaz, I look over at Caysie and she's hiding under the collar of her shirt. That is the reason I go to scary movies. XD To watch my companions flip out. It's so adorable and funny. XD Except my mom can get really violent, I swear to god she almost broke my arm when we saw The Grudge. So all in all, pretty good movie. [: It really helps to have seen the first, though, the second explains why the first happened. In the beginning we thought it made no sense, but then realized it predated the first, and it pretty much explained the whole scenario. My mom's betting they're gonna make a bunch more. XD I can see it too.

After that we went to Applebees, and while I was feeling really groggy from a day long headache, it was good. Kept having slight issues, and as I recall I was rather annoyed, but all in all, good. [: Then Caysie and I went shopping, even though I didn't really realize what she meant by shopping... XD I don't know I kinda thought her grams needed us to get something from the store when she asked if I would take her, so I wasn't entirely prepared to spend an evening actually SHOPPING and not just getting a few groceries... plus I wasn't feeling well pretty much at all by that point, but it was fine. I tried some stuff on too, but I don't have any money... and wont for a while yet, so it was just to give myself something to do really.

Monday, I got my test in bio back, and let me just say, I was thrillllled. 51/50! I am not going to bother explaining how I got the extra point, it isn't really important, but I felt pretty damn awesome. Oh, that was also when I got my "new" car. See really, it's my mom's car (though it was bought for my dad by his parents), and I drive it all the time anyway, but it's like... an '09 and is the first car I've ever partly owned that has under 100k miles on it. :'D Honestly, it's still my mom/dads car... but I get to drive it daily now. Later that night... and by later I mean 1am later... Caysie and I had a Subway adventure of fail, in a nutshell, I had to put gas in my car just to go and pick her up to go to the Subway that WAS open almost all night (until like 2am, opening back up at 4am), but we got there, their hours had changed, so I wasted time, and money, and gas, just go over there for no reason, and then had to take her back home too. We wound up getting Taco Bell but neither of us were at all pleased with it.

Tuesday I got my ethics test back and I KILLED the essays, but.... the multiple choice killed me. >: My scholarly high was over. I only got like.. a B- on that one. DAY. RUINED. Though! Caysie and I did get Subway that afternoon which was tasty so yeah.

Wednesday.... nothing important? No, not really. Had a headache all day long, felt shitty, nothing important there. Oh, I went to the store! And there was no bread. Think I'm kidding?

Normally would not edit to that coloration, but I accidentally opened it in windows live photo gallery which I have never used so I had a little fun. The noise reduction function, though? Is horrible.

THEN, Thursday/yesterday. Went to history, PROBABLY failed the pop quiz he gave us, even thought he answered like four of the questions FOR us, which is the sad part. And then after that? Parent-Teacher conferences. Why am I excited about this? First of all I have always loved this. When I was in school, I loved them because I was such a good smart kid I knew my teachers only had nice things to say and wanted my parents approval rofl. Now, because I like seeing my old school and old teachers, it's fun to go back, you know? But this year it's a liiiittle different? Why? Because my old high school teacher that I was in love with? Now teaches in the middle school, where my brother is. Yes, I went purely to see him. And I got dressed up and did my make up and everything.

And he was totally there.

Omg he is so effing fine.

I was giddy all damn day yesterday. We talked for like fifteen minutes, he asked how I was, what I was doing, we talked about how teaching was for him (since his first year was the year he had me and it was baaaad), and I told him my phone was way cooler than his rofl (he has the iphone4 so sexy aaaahhh, but I have the evo, I win). I was so awkward. Like, seriously, to make conversation? I was like "Oh so... this is you're class then?" AS IF IT WAS LIKE. HIS APARTMENT. "WHY DON'T YOU SHOW ME AROUND THIS SQUARE ROOM? THAT SOUNDS EXCITING! OH MY WHY FANCY DESKS." Like who does that? Me. I swear to god he likes me though. >_> And I would not ever say such a thing. But even when he wandered off to go talk to another teacher, he was always glancing over at meeee wtffff. I WAS DRESSED LIKE A SKANK AND ALL but I'm not at all pretty enough for him. So it would make no sense whatsoever, but I swear to god, he always chatted me up after school back in the day, and yeah. OH LOVE, WHY NOT ADMIT TO ME YOUR FEELINGS. I'm just kidding there is nothing he could possibly see in me lmfao. Plus I think teacher/ex-student relations are probably frowned upon... not that -I- give a shit because -I- think its hot... but yeah.

Then my mom and I went... to Applebees again. What? It's not expensive if you share! Which my mom and I always do! And week nights after eight, it's half off appetizers, which was our dinner yesterday. Wonton tacos? So. Good. My mom was so surprised, she LOVED them, and she was like "ewww don't get those~" when I said I wanted to try them. We then split a mucho-mudslide... and it was so good. But way. Way. Too large. So! Until my entire right arm cramped up from drawing this yesterday:

I had a pretty damn good day. [:

I'm sorry, I realize that was a really really long entry, and honestly, I have more to add about my brother later, but at this point I think I will just make a separate entry. I will try to update more frequently so these aren't so long! D: Forgive me please.