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04 November 2010 @ 04:10 pm
I am sitting in my history class right now rofl.

I do this a lot. Compute about things that aren't at all school related whilst in school. Such a rebel.

I don't really have anything to write about though! I was just a little bit bored. Lets see, since my last update...

I registered for next semesters classes. Only two, going part time in the winter because why in gods name would I want to go out into the crazy snow more than I have to rofl. Physical science II on Monday and Wednesday, 2:00-3:28 (yeah, 3:28 rofl), a lab on Monday until 5:30 (but I know this teacher, it'll be earlier than that), and then history of photography on Tuesday at 3:00 until 6:00? I think? Fingers crossed I get off easy this next semester with these classes. C:

I beat Fable III, but I am still playing after winning, which is fun. So I'm not quite done, but I've beaten the main story line. It was really good! More difficult than the previous Fable's, I think, lovely settings, I agree with my friend Sam though, that the graphics were a little lacking in game, especially in the character designs, but the cinematics are fantastic, and it really is generally lovely. There were a few changes I didn't care much for, most I did enjoy, and I could rant about it for an hour, but I wont! If you're interested in my full review, comment, and I'll write one. ;]

I went out to Sharky's last night with my friend Rachel, we had a good time. I got mini tacos? Which I really think they just buy the jose ole brand, because they look and taste virtually the same, but much to my surprise they are really tasty in ranch dressing. o_O Tacos... in ranch dressing? I have no idea, but it was good! She coerced me into trying it, and I wound up preferring it over the sour cream and salsa.

Then we went back to her house, I watched her do laundry, got mauled by her beautiful husky Desmond, and then we watched The Losers. Very good movie! I am notorious for having bad taste in movies, it would seem. Mostly because I don't think when I watch movies.... so like, things that bother people... like "OH THAT MADE NO SENSE WHAT THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN I HATE THIS MOVIE", I will often NOTICE those things.... but I try to ignore them for the sake of my sanity and enjoyment of the movie. EXCEPT in horror films. Sorry, but for the purpose of a scary movie to be successful, you've gotta SCARE ME... and to SCARE ME... you have to be entirely plausible. I am nit-picky about those like no other. But, Rachel told me that most people didn't like The Losers? I thought it was great. I mean what's not to like. Sexy men, guns, killing, explosions, A DUCATI the most bamf sort of bike, I mean, how can a movie with those aspects NOT be good. But, like I said, I am notorious for liking movies no one else does.

And now here I am. Sitting in history. Ready for the weekend. Not got any plans except, tomorrow, Caysie, movies still? I don't have any money... so I don't know how that is gonna work out, but I wanna go! I NEED to, actually, or else a certain someone is going to show up, uninvited, like she does, and whisk me away with her to somewhere I don't wanna go rofl. CAYSIE COME INTO MONEY AND WE WILL GET DINNER AND SEE A MOVIE K? I want fajitasssss.
♫Caysie♫ovrninethousand on November 4th, 2010 08:30 pm (UTC)
I am actually disappoint you hadn't watched The Losers yet considering I put it on your flashie forever agooo.

But yeah, a lot of people didn't like it for some reason. Their loss, I suppose?

And yes. I will srsly flip out.
Kristialittlebetrayed on November 4th, 2010 09:18 pm (UTC)
I don't really watch movies.. by myself? With the exception of HTTYD because I just watch that as background noise. Wonderful wonderful background noise. So that's probably why I didn't watch it?

And yeah, I suppose rofl.