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29 October 2020 @ 05:42 pm

I go by tons of alias' online, but I'm not gonna give you those. Kristi should suffice, yeah? I'm 21 years old at the time of this entry, and I am from Michigan. I'm currently a full-but-excited-to-be-part-time student at our local community college. I hate it. I have literally no aspiration in life beyond living with my parents forever, playing video games and computing. Sad, but hey I'm honest. I'm not saying that it wont change eventually... maybe I will find something I love doing, aside from being a lazy ass, but until then, I will not claim to have plans or goals in my life.

I had an LJ in the past, those of you who know that, wonderful, but I will not be referring back to it. I could have just deleted all the entries there and continued, but while I'm not pleased with my past, if it hadn't happened, I wouldn't be myself, as I'm coming to discover more and more lately. 

The name for this LJ was random [would you believe I nabbed it from Family Guy?], actually, but eerily fit into that evenings events perfectly, so I feel like it was a little fated. There will always be people in your life who wrong, you, but pray they don't come to shape you like those people often did for me. Thanks to some, I'm paranoid, distrustful, and always looking for faults in myself that might drive people away. It's not my fault so please, if I seem a bit pessimistic and creepy on occasion, know that that's not how I was supposed to be, but after being lied to for so long by the people you care about more than anything else, well, maybe I am weak, but I can't seem to simply get over it.

All dreariness aside! You'd be surprised to find more often than not I'm a cheery person. The above rant is a necessary evil into my personality, that I try to avoid, but it is not always possible, and I hope you can forgive it, readers. I love talking, I love listening, and I'm open minded. You'll be hard pressed to find something that I will vehemently be against, because I feel like everyone has the right to their own opinion, as I do myself, and I fully respect that. I also feel like life is too short to hate. If I am going to expend my energy I hope that it's on something positive. I have things that bother me, but beyond that, I try to be relaxed about the things around me.

And on an even more positive note, there are things that I love, and will rave about more often than not.

I love art, it's one of the few things I feel passionate about, and I did try pursuing art in college, but I feel so trapped and bogged down when someone is telling me what to do, and unfortunately, that's what the art industry is about. You may be able to be creative, but to a certain extent, there is still someone telling you what sort of creativity you're supposed to be focusing on. And that, results in bad art from myself. I will occasionally work on commission on websites I frequent, but those are mostly done in hopes to broaden my artistic horizon and better myself. I don't think I could stand to do that for a career. You may see me posting art here, I'm not sure. I have no intentions for this journal yet, so... you could see anything. That's all mostly about drawing though, I also do photography and love it.  I haven't kept up with it as much now that I'm not in photography classes, but those are classes I have enjoyed, and will probably continue to take. I don't know what I could potentially get from it, but I do enjoy doing it, and so far it's the only thing college hasn't made me hate.

I love to write. I don't do it as often as I used to, or really... as often as I would like, but I've seem to run a little dry on ideas. In all honest, the only thing I've ever wrote for the public to read, instead of original character fanfiction was a story that developed into 3 chapters and my mind blanked in the middle. That was posted here on another LJ made specifically for the story, which I will also not be linking to, but if you're interested [I can't see why considering it's not even remotely finished], you can ask me and I will give you the name. [:

Stemming from my love to write is an intense love to roleplay. I spend most of my time doing that, to be honest, as I live a much more fulfilled life living vicariously through my own characters. Sad but true. I don't expect to meet anyone here who would be interested in knowing more about that, really I don't expect to meet anyone here. I imagine I am writing purely for my own benefit as the few people who have added me are already my friends and know me well, but if only I benefit from writing here, well, at least that's something! But if by some strange twist of fate, you're a lonesome roleplayer and happen upon my journal, give me a comment, I haven't quite come across such a thing as having too many.

And then there are video games. What I'll be doing for the rest of the day, I feel like. That and roleplaying, of course haha. I love all sorts, though favorites are definitely RPGs, horror, and stealth games. Currently playing Fable III, which I may choose to review here once I'm finished. I did that for a bit here, too, on my old account... I don't know if I helped anyone decide whether or not to play a game I reviewed, but it can't hurt to put one out there. But, I could probably talk about video games all day, and I really enjoy talking about them. Be warned. I don't investigate into games and their meanings. I simply play for fun. I know lots of people who do lots of extra reading to know what things really meant, and that is not me. So if you get really into the semantics, I will probably become lost very quickly, and just blink at you. The same goes for movies, and television. I try not to think too heavily, because that usually just leads to ultimate disappointment. 

And last, but most certainly not least, there's music. But I feel almost as if that's part of everyones repertoire of "likes", and really goes without saying. I like almost everything, I would be incredibly surprised if there wasn't at least one thing in common we liked. I listen mostly to mainstream top 40 these days, but I love off the beaten path artists, and rock-alternative, and even foreign music as well. Really the only thing you'd be hard pressed to find me listening to would be the death metal/screamo genre. And even then, some songs I like have bits and pieces of that sort of rabble. So really, try me, it's likely I've heard it, heard something like it, or will like it after hearing it.

But, I feel like this has gone on for far too long. If I didn't run you off yet, keep reading! You'll get to know me much better through impromptu entries, that aren't written solely for the purpose of me trying to stuff myself into one entry. And, if for some odd reason, someone has a question, by all means! I am an open book. 

This may eventually become partially friends only. I don't plan to write things I wont be comfortable sharing with the world, but I can't plan the future, right? Comment here if you'd like to be added, or just add me, I'll most likely reciprocate.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far, hope to see you back again. ;]